Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ummat Islam bermazhab Ahlul Bait terus jadi mangsa Wahabi

At least 120 Iraqis killed in spate of attacks

At least 90 Muslim Shiites were killed and 200 wounded when two suicide attackers set off their bombs in a crowd in the central Iraqi farming town of Hilla on Tuesday. Dr Mohammed Timini from Hilla Hospital's emergency room said: "Among the wounded, there are 50 in a critical condition. Eighty percent of the casualties are young men, but there are women and children among the dead." A pair of suicide bombers detonated explosive vests within meters of each other among crowds of visitors making their way by foot from southern Iraq to the holy city of Karbala. Earlier a spate of bombings and armed attacks killed at least 30 people, including several visitors heading to Karbala.Gunmen attacked a convoy carrying an Iraqi lawmaker and his family and killed four of his relatives.Mohammed Mahdi al-Bayati, a member of Iraq's main Muslim Shiite parliamentary bloc, said he was heading from his hometown of Kirkuk south towards Baghdad when his armed three-car cortege was attacked.Four visitors were killed and 14 wounded in a car bomb attack in Baghdad's central Al-Yarmuk district as they set out for Karbala to the south.Another five were gunned down in two separate attacks near Latifiyah, 40 kilometers south of the capital. At least 15 more were wounded. In central Baghdad, two civilians were killed and four wounded when a bomb ripped through a truck near the Al-Sarafiyah Bridge across the Tigris.Also Tuesday, a police commander from Kut was shot dead and four of his security guards were wounded after being ambushed by unknown gunmen while on patrol.At Iskandiriyah, also to the south, a civilian was killed and two were wounded in a bomb explosion.

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